sea fishing licence bc

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Footage of catching, cleaning, and cooking a number of salmon over the course of a summer. I’m certainly not an expert… but I do enjoy it.

Catching a salmon from a sea kayak is an incredible experience. You feel every wave, every tug on the line. It can be tireing; it can be exilerating. Paddling into off-shore rock gardens at first light… cruising along empty shorelines.

Primarily, I use a Shimano trolling reel, on a shortened, stiff rod. It is also possible to use a simple handline (fishing line wrapped around a stick). Since most of my fishing is done while on multi-day trips, I am generally using artificial lures (hoochies or buzz bombs).

Please, respect the fish. Follow local fishing guidelines. Buy a fishing license. Catch only what you can eat.

Liam McNeil is a proffessional sea kayak guide, based out of Tofino, British Columbia.

Shot with a Go-Pro HD Kayak fish kayak fishing kayak fish kayak trolling shimano salmon rockfish fish hook barb splash

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25 thoughts on “sea fishing licence bc”

  1. @markgehrke Hey Mark! Yes, still have the Gulfstream, and a couple of the
    shots in this vid I am in it. I am also paddling a CD Solstice GTS and a
    Seaward Tyee (the white boat at the start of the video). I switch around
    depending on situation (storage, location, guests, etc.)

  2. I’m wearing an Astral PFD (forget the name of the model). Don’t think
    Astral makes that particular model anymore, now the closest would be their

  3. Awesome vid. Curious, what type of rod holder do you use and did you drill
    holes in that beautiful boat to mount it? Also, the name of that groovy
    song/ artist? Cheers mate

  4. Hey Andrew! No, I did NOT drill any holes in my boats! :p I use a home made
    rod holder made from a simple 6-8″ inch piece of 1.5″ pvc pipe. I simply
    cut a few notches in it, and attach lines at front and back to tie it to my
    deck. I works GREAT! I should do a video on how I rig my boat… someday…
    works great, and low profile…

  5. You’re right…You should definitely do a how to rig video. Would really
    like to see that. Lately I’ve been doin a lot of crabbing down here in
    Washington off my yak. Hope your summers going good, bro. I’ll be patiently
    waiting on that vid

  6. Liam, thanks for a great video. Very different from all the fishing videos.
    I am learning to fish from a kayak. I am always looking for tips. So cool
    you get salmon where you are. Here in the tropics we get sea bass and red
    snappers near from shore. Also Tuna and mahi maui but you have to go out a
    lot further and it is considered rather dangerous as tuna can weight up to
    80 kilos!

  7. Wow! I’m pretty happy catching a 10-15lbs salmon. We do have the occasional
    Halibut which can reach in the 100+lbs. Thanks for the comment! :)

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